The CTS Experience

Since 1983, CTS has paid careful attention to what our customers want and need to run their businesses effectively. We attribute our success to making our customers’ needs integral to our core values.

Certified Expertise in Integrated Technology

We believe that a well-trained, well-qualified, well-supported staff leads to the highest quality service provision, which then leads to happy customers. As such, we select our people and partners carefully, with a focus on long-term relationships and ongoing, fully compliant trainings for all staff. We go the extra step of ensuring top-notch expertise on our team by running a State-Certified 06 Electrician Journeyman Apprenticeship Training program and are proud to employ these 06 Journeyman Electricians on our team.

Technical Foresight

Always one step ahead of market developments, we are trendsetters, not followers. We take pride in our ability to anticipate industry changes in technology integration and respond quickly with innovative solutions for our customers. The history of CTS is based on a fluid evolution of technology anticipation, from cable manufacturing to cabling installation to end-to-end integrated technology services…all due to our ability to innovate ahead of the curve.

Hassle-Free, Comprehensive & Reliable.

CTS is a one-stop, Washington-State-Certified shop for integrated technology. What does this mean? Not only do we bring you the latest in a full-range of integrated technologies—from IP-security, access control and CCTV to audio/visual and wireless—but we also come with a State-awarded pedigree! CTS is a State of Washington DES Master Contractor, a highly competitive designation awarded by the State of Washington that allows public entities to bypass all red tape when hiring us. Why did we win this award? Because we apply the highest level of quality assurance, certification compliance, and focus on detail in all that we do. What does this mean for you? With CTS, there are no job delays, no work stoppages and no surprises. We get the job done on time and on budget.